What to Expect If You Enrol Your Preschooler in an International School in Japan?

Children look forward to meeting new classmates and forming new routines in school. On the other hand, parents are probably concerned about how things might turn out for their kids at a Tokyo international preschool.

These first-day anxieties are typical for parents whose children are enrolled in traditional preschools. What’s more, the very different setting of the best international schools in Tokyo, student body, and educational pedagogy doesn’t make things easy, either.

Remember that these concerns are typical. Preparing yourself and your kid for the impending changes is crucial to experience positivist not just on the first day but throughout the school year. Also, this period in your child’s life will be more joyful and satisfying for you if you are prepared beforehand.

Here is some specific preparation advice and a list of things you may anticipate when enrolling your preschooler in an overseas school. 

1- A herd of fresh faces

A diversified student body is one thing a Tokyo international preschool will have that a traditional preschool does not. Your child will interact with kids here who come from many nations, ethnicities, and social backgrounds. The same is true for their preschool instructors, who may come from many countries.

The cultural differences will impact how your child initially interacts, communicates, and gets along with others, which may be a lot to process. In light of this, get your kid ready to socialise. Model the conduct you want them to exhibit for their teachers and classmates before preschool starts.

2- An environmental change in Tokyo international preschool

Being in a new setting is another benefit of attending a Tokyo international preschool. On their first day, your preschooler may alternately feel excited or overwhelmed by the new surroundings. They might be excited to spend some time away from home but also feel anxious about being left alone with strangers.

You, as their parent, must assist them in adjusting to the environment and ensuring that they feel secure and at ease in their classroom, while you are away.

3- A shift in the regular

Your preschooler will experience brand-new routines; when to use the restroom, where to play, and where to write or draw. These new regulations may initially confuse kids because they differ from your home routines. Review the curriculum and student life at the international school in Tokyo so that you and your kid can practise some of these routines at home in advance.

4- Learning something new every day

The last thing to consider is that your child will have a lot to learn in an international school in Japan. Every day will be unique in some way. They can participate in new activities with their teachers and classmates, read new books, and play with new toys.

Ideally, the possibility will make them more excited than afraid.

These helpful tips prepare your preschooler for their first day of foreign school.

A new and significant chapter in your toddler’s life begins with preschool. Your child will discover new things in international preschools that are essential to their overall development.

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In these preschools, interacting with other children improves social and communication abilities. An international school’s curriculum and activities are created by international standards, which enhances the learning process. This novel and stimulating environment can be intimidating for many kids and parents. 

The most important methods to prepare your kid for an international school in Japan.

1- Playing pretend and engaging in other interactive games are fantastic

To start, you might establish a play-school environment at home to better understand your child’s educational needs. Playing games and performing daily tasks like dressing, carrying a bag, saying goodbye, etc. will help your child’s motor skills and better prepare them for preschool. Additionally, it will make it easier and faster for them to learn new abilities. 

2- Organising your child’s social activities

Plan social events like birthday parties, sporting events, or festivals where your child can mingle with other youngsters their age. That fosters the development of empathy and emotional intelligence, two important traits in the contemporary world. It also lessens communication anxiety from a young age and enhances both voice and body language. 

3- Read books to get ready for preschool

The University of Cambridge certifies the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE Board), which is offered by international schools and is recognised worldwide.

That is why enrolling your child early in an international preschool can greatly benefit their career and future. Read novels and inspiring stories to your kids to help them become ready for an excellent preschool in Japan or anywhere else. It guarantees effective communication and creative abilities. Ask your youngster about a character in the book and make the reading experience interactive. To ease your child’s anxiety and help them reach their full potential, gently respond to questions. 

4- Before enrolling, pay a visit to the international school in Japan

Visit the preschool in person before enrolling your kid there to get a sense of the learning environment. Visit a class that is in session to see what sort of activities are done. Talk to the teachers while keeping an eye on the kids. Examine the notice board and the tools used for instruction as well. That will give you a better understanding of the unique ways in which toddlers are educated. Keep in mind that an interactive preschool is best. 

Final note 

Some of Japan’s top international schools feature preschools that teach kids to be independent and socially astute from a young age. Your child can get off to a great start for an enjoyable preschool experience if you prepare them for an international preschool right away!

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