Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vanity Cabinets So Popular Among Homeowners?

Bathroom vanities can make your space appear more luxurious and organized. They are available in different designs from traditional to modern, simple and functional to luxurious, and boldly enriched to monochromatic. It symbolizes your taste in bathroom furniture and promotes self-care.

One of the most popular choices when it comes to bathroom vanities is a floating or wall-mounted vanity. It isn’t anything new to the bathroom design scene. You could easily find them in industrial and commercial settings, such as hotels, high-end restaurants, etc. However, it is only recently that they have become highly popular among homeowners, too.

But why have wall bathroom vanity cabinets so popular these days? That is exactly what we are going to take a look at here.

1. Light as Feather but Strong Enough

Wall-mounted discount bathroom vanities. because of their modularity, can be easy to move around and much lighter than the floor-standing, large, single-piece vanities. They might be more difficult to install as you have to ensure that your mount frames have been installed correctly. Moreover, they have to be attached to stronger anchors. In case you are unable to do it yourself, you can take the help of professionals. However, regardless of all these, they are easy to transfer from one place to the other.

Since the installation method is unique is built to be sturdier than regular floor-standing models. It can easily withstand fluctuations and warping that are accompanied by a humid environment.

2. Flotation Innovation

Another reason to choose floating bathroom vanities and cabinets is that they can be inherently customized. Since they are mounted against the wall, you can be more selective about where you would like to place the vanity. You can choose how low or high the countertop will be.

However, since wall-mounted vanities do not have to depend on a flat or stable surface to stay upright, some manufacturers have been extremely innovative with the designs of the floating vanity. Some feature individual compartments, which can be installed in different arrangements and permutations, based on your taste.

The modularity of wall-mounted bathroom sinks implies you can easily mix and match compartments as per your liking.

3. Futuristic Feel

Popularity contributes to more popularity, and as something gets more adopted, more people can end up adopting it. This is going to continue until a new fad or trend emerges to replace an old one. It is called the snowball effect. People like using cool things as it fosters a sense of belonging. You might want to install a cool thing since it means you will not be that one person in your block who is missing out.

However, something has to spark that interest initially. In the case of these types of bathroom vanities that initial spark was primarily the futuristic, elegant, and unique look. They are something kind of space-age about but they are still grounded in the fashionable tropes of timeless design. When floating vanities were introduced, they were not much out there to cater to that category. They had been adopted because they were different but not too different.

4. Creates Enough Space

Another big advantage of wall-mounted vanities is that it frees up space in your bathroom. Additional free space can serve two primary purposes-

  • Makes the room appear larger
  • Creates space to store more toiletries and organize them

Bathroom are filled with the important stuff- the bathtub, toilet, shower, sink cabinet, and more. Apart from this, you will need a medicine cabinet, mirror, lights, a place to hang towels, and lots of toiletries in the bathroom. But the bathroom itself is a room. So, space is premium.

Having a hanging vanity might not give you a huge amount of space, but it will allow you just enough.

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