Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Custom Burger Boxes Wholesale

Running a fast-food restaurant is always an enjoyable option when you have something that can keep the food safe and presentable i.e. custom burger boxes wholesale. But the price of these boxes is a bit higher and when the box price is high then the price of food also becomes high. 

To keep the box price low, you must wisely select a packaging company that provides lower rates without compromising the quality. Aside from this, you can select materials and printing options that are good in strength and quality but lower in rates. Our today’s blog mainly focuses on the ways by which you can reduce the cost of custom burger boxes. 

Why Customization Is Necessary? 

If the cost of custom boxes is that high then why still brand are using them? Why, despite a lot of budgetary constraints, a lot of brands are replacing generic packaging boxes with customized ones? Mainly because of a lot of benefits associated with the use of customized burger boxes

Brands can promote themselves and give ideal protection to their food items. Moreover, the use of personally designed burger boxes helps eateries keep their products distinct and catchy from the rival brands. 

How To Keep The Packaging Prices Checked? 

Now coming to the actual question which is how to reduce the box prices. There are several ways by which a restaurant can get economical packaging boxes. But the problem is that, while trying to fix the problem of high prices, many restaurants compromise the box quality. But you do not want to use substandard packaging material that is why reading the following points will prove beneficial for you: 


When it comes to material, you can go with cardboard burger boxes. The reason for this is that cardboard is a sturdy material with low prices. Due to the high abundance of cardboard, its cost is not too high. If you want to keep the quality of your burgers intact via economical packaging then cardboard is an ideal option. 

There are several other options for materials that are also available such as corrugated material and kraft. Among both of the options, kraft is a better option as it is lower in rates as compared to corrugated. So the best two materials that you can use for your boxes are kraft and cardboard. 


Whether you need custom printed pizza slice boxes or you have to pack burgers, color selection, and printing facilities both may enhance the price of the packaging. But to keep the prices low you can select a printing process that does not cost you additional charges, like plate charges. 

Among all the available printing options, digital printing is the best when it comes to lower rates. These printing methods do not give as many high-quality printed designs as other printing processes do, but the designs are good enough to keep your brand unique and marvelous in the market. 


In addition to material and printing, one thing that is also a part and parcel of custom burger boxes wholesale is add-on. With add-ons, a lot of catchy features are added to the packaging. These add-ons enhance the appealing look of the boxes. But add-ons increase the packaging cost. 

Among all the add-on options, embossing and debossing are the most economical ones. Choose any of the two you can make your artwork or typography distinct from the rest of the designs or typography on the boxes. 


To keep the printed designs and colors of the boxes intact, finishings are inevitable. Whether you need gloss finishing or you want matt, by opting for the varnish option, you can reduce the costs of the packaging. 

Varnishes do not provide the highest level of protection as compared to lamination which even keeps the boxes protected from moisture. But as we know burger boxes are disposable and used only once time, so we can go with varnish that gives, if not highest, adequate protection. 

Custom Labels 

If you are using kraft burger boxes, then you can use custom labels to add a representation of your brand to the packaging. By using custom labels on plain kraft boxes, you can get the same benefits as any printed box can provide. Even with boxes with custom labels, you can reduce the cost. 

Appropriate Packaging Company 

As we have learned some of the finest tips, by adopting them one can reduce the net cost of burger box packaging. But among all the important options, one thing that is of extreme importance is the packaging company. Always choose a packaging company that provides wholesale rates for custom boxes. 

Final Words! 

Custom burger boxes wholesale may increase the cost of your final product if you do not select the raw material wisely. Choose a low-price and high-quality material along with appropriate printing methods to get premium quality economical boxes to pack your burgers. 

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