The Old Place for a New Home

Knocking down your home is actually a part of the popular house rebuilding process whereby you demolish your existing home and build a new one on the same property. The main reason is it is a way to get the home you want in the location that you already love. 

In addition, it is also a smart way to invest in a property if you can find a cheap, older house in a desirable location. Knock it down, build a more modern home and take advantage of the great location.

More benefits

There are added benefits to a Knock down Brisbane rebuild in Brisbane over other methods of getting a new home. One of them is being able to stay in your preferred location. It is also actually one way of avoiding real estate and government fees.

Another reason is that there is no need to move to some other new and uncomfortable neighborhoods. The kids can stay enrolled in local schools.

You can also access properties in desirable locations. Another favorable reason most pewole wanted was to increase their home values.

Knocking down a home

There are some issues to deal with when you knock down a home. The first on should be the cost of demolishing your existing home. (In today’s prices, it is in the vicinity of 

between $20,000 and $40,000 to demolish and remove an existing home.

However, there but there are some factors that can increase this cost.

The presence of asbestos in the old home certainly means extra precautions have to be taken. Overall, this might add up to $10,000 to your costs. (Basically, if the existing home was built before 1990, there’s a chance that you’ll find asbestos in there.)

Depending on your location, you may discover some additional expenses if your block is hard to access. This is simply because it takes longer for demolition crews to get in and out and do their work.

In the case of underground pipes, old footings or even large tree roots, these all need to be removed or replaced. Today, there are extra costs involved.

Finally, the size of the house will play a part too, which is why the figure of $20,000 – $40,000 is quite broad.

Knocking down vs moving

Many are already in the know as to the several reasons why homeowners choose to knock down and rebuild instead of renovating or moving. Renovations can be costly and often require compromises due to existing structural limitations. 

On the other hand, moving can be time-consuming and expensive. There is also the stress of leaving behind the community you’ve grown to love. 

A knock down and rebuild project offers a fresh start without the hassles of moving, as you can keep your current location and enjoy the benefits of a brand-new home, customized to your style and needs.

Also, you want it because the place is close to work, the kid’s schools, friends or family, or maybe you just love your streetscape, views and community. It also allows you to build a new house suited to your wants and needs. 

Whatever the reason, a knock down and rebuild can be considerably cheaper than moving to a new house or renovating your home from top to bottom.

New needs

It could be that you are living in the perfect area of Brisbane, but sometimes your house just doesn’t quite fit the needs of you and your family. You may also want to maximize your lifestyle and have the freedom to design a house to enjoy for years to come. 

You may want to try and find something new in your area, but you’ll normally run into two problems: you can’t find anything within your budget, or you can’t find a nice house in your local area.

It’s becoming increasingly popular across Brisbane because more people are realizing the benefits that come with upgrading your plot and starting fresh, rather than buying another property that’s already on the market.

One other advantage is that when undertaking a knock down rebuild project, you don’t have to spend hours searching for houses online that fit all of your requirements – you can just make it yourself in a custom home build.

You have complete control over what your house looks like and can create something that really ticks all of your boxes.

Value upgrade

Your existing home may sit in a good location, but you may feel the need to add your personal style. So, a new home where the old one stands is the perfect solution. For that, you’ll need a knock down rebuild.

The knockdown rebuild process could add significant value to your home. By creating a house that is both functional and aesthetic, you will be making much more profit if you ever come to sell the house in the future.

Finally, if you desire to live a luxury lifestyle without spending all of your money to do so, rebuilding your house could be the easiest way to upgrade your life. For instance, by choosing a knock down rebuild, you’ll be able to add swimming pools to your project or improve how natural light reaches your rooms.

Rebuilding is normally a much more cost-effective option than relocating, making it the perfect way to build a luxurious house while still keeping to a budget.

The process of knocking down and rebuilding your home can seem daunting, but when planned correctly, things can actually go pretty smoothly. Turn an old house into a brand-new home.

The place you love

Staying in your place for years may have become a full-grown love for your suburbs you are living in and you just cannot leave it only because you no longer like your house. Plus, the costs of finding a new block to live in (in both time and money) might just well be worth the knockdown rebuild.

At your place, you don’t say goodbye to your neighbours or your favourite local shops.You can now stay in the area you love and have a brand-new house for yourself. (Relocating could be more costly.)

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