The Best Ways To Make Your Essay Longer

Everyone knows that longer essays generally mean a higher grade. This is because the more time an essay has, the more thoroughly it can be fleshed out with the correct details and analysis. Many college students must learn how to make their essays longer without sacrificing quality. To help you get started on your next assignment, we’ve compiled some of our favourite tips for how to make an essay longer without sacrificing quality.

What is an essay?

An essay is a piece of writing that presents a point of view on a particular subject. Articles are usually written in an academic setting but can also be written for other purposes. Essays can be either short or long, depending on the assignment’s requirements.

Why does it matter if my essay is too short?

If your essay is longer, it may not be able to explore the topic and develop a well-supported argument fully. This can make it difficult for you to get a good grade or even pass the class. In addition, if your essay is too short, it may give the impression that you could have put more effort into it. This could reflect poorly on your application to college or graduate school.

What are some tips for writing a short essay?

Here are some tips for writing a short essay:

  1. Make sure you understand the prompt.
  2. Brainstorm your ideas and choose the most important points to include.
  3. Organize your thoughts before you start writing.
  4. Use simple, concise language.
  5. Be clear and direct in your argument.
  6. Edit your essay for grammar and style mistakes.

The importance of word count

The number of words in your essay can be just as important as the quality of the content. A well-written and researched essay that is only a few hundred words will not make as good an impression on the reader as a shorter piece packed with information. Likewise, an article with several thousand words but needs more substance will also impress.

To ensure your essay makes the best impression on the reader, aim for a word count that is both short and long. A good rule of thumb is to target between 10% and 20% above the required word count. This will give you enough leeway to include all the important information without going overboard.

If you need help hitting your target word count, try adding more detail to your examples or expanding on your points. You can also add an extra paragraph to address a related issue. However, be careful to leave your essay with appropriate words or information.

The Five Best Ways to Make Your Essay Longer

  1. Use more descriptive language

When writing your essay, try to use more expansive language that will help paint a picture in the reader’s mind. This will make your essay seem longer without adding extra fluff or filler content.

  1. Elaborate on your points

Make sure that each point in your essay is thoroughly explained and supported with evidence. This will help ensure that your writing flows well and is longer.

  1. Include additional examples

If you have any additional examples to illustrate your points further, include them in your essay! This will help to bulk up the content of your paper and make it seem longer.

  1. Add an appendix

If you have any supplementary materials that would help to support your argument, consider adding an appendix at the end of your paper. This can include things like charts, graphs, or other data visualizations.

  1. Restructure your paper

If all else fails, you can always change up the structure of your paper slightly to make it seem longer. For instance, instead of writing short paragraphs, try registering longer ones with multiple sub-points included.


There are a few different ways to make your essay longer, but the best way will depend on your goal. If you need more content to hit a word count, adding extra information or examples is the best way. On the other hand, if you’re trying to pad out your essay so it looks longer, you might want to try increasing the font size or spacing between lines. Whatever method you choose, make sure that it doesn’t compromise the quality of your essay.

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