A Comprehensive Guide On How To Put Extension In Your Locs

If you want to rock long locs, don’t worry! You can add extensions to your locs, making them as long as you want. You may need clarification that we say loc, not dreadlocks, because of negative connotations associated with dreadlocks, so now the preferred term is loc. Let’s find out how to get locs in no time!

Steps To Put Extension In Your Locs

Given below are some tips to put an extension in your locs, but if you cannot do any, you can opt for loc extensions Oakland CA Salon.

Purchase Loc Extension

Buy Synthetic Locs

Many people prefer to buy synthetic loc extensions because they are relatively inexpensive. Synthetic hair is excellent for locs because it tangles easily, creating locs faster. You cannot use heat products on synthetic extensions or melt.

Buy Natural Locs

Buy natural extensions to use heated products or dye your hair. Treat this extension as natural hair. However, remember that these extensions will be much more expensive than synthetics.

Install Your Extension

Take a Needle Test

If your locs are tight, you may need help to add an extension on your own. Do the needle test by pushing a needle through a thick section of a locus. If the needle slips, you can install your extension. If not, you need to have an extension installed by a professional using extension loc.

Twisty Any Undone Extension

If you purchased regular clip-in extensions, you will need to wrap them yourself. First, have a friend hold the clip end of the extension. Hold the rear end of the extension firmly in one hand. To detangle the hair, comb it against the direction it’s lying on the ground. Extensions can be added to your hair, which can be treated just like your natural hair. This will make tiny knots in the hair, creating the locs.

Prepare Your Locomotives

Your hair should already be locked before putting on an extension. If you have a blunt end on your locs, trim the tips and brush them out. You should have one to two inches of loose hair at the lots of your locks.

Sketch Out the End of Your Extension

Cut that section off if your extension comes with a clip at the end. Then brush the end so that two to three inches of loose hair are at the top.

Fix the Wire in Extension

Thread a sewing needle with about 12 to 14 inches (30 to 35 centimeters) of thread. Next, sew a few tiny stitches in the base of the loose section of the loc near the knotted area. Make sure these stitches are as tight as possible.

Sew the Extension Onto Your Locs

Place the loose, sewn part of your extension against the free end of the natural loc. Center the extension so that one centimeter of your loose hair is against the tight section of the wing. Sew the center of the extension against the centre of your loc using small, tight stitches.

Wrap Your Hair Around the Extension

Press the extension into your loc, wrapping the side around the extension like a tube. Add a few tight stitches to secure this hair in place. Keep adjusting the position until your natural hair completely covers the top of the extension.

Take Care Of Your Extension

Wash Your Hair 2 Times A Week

If you wash your hair regularly, your locks will become loose and frizzy. Also, if you don’t wash it for a long time, it will start to smell like a bed. So massaging the scalp is the best option; also, avoid using conditioners or detanglers.

Dry Your Hair Completely

If your loc stays damp for a long time, mould will grow inside. So, after showering, squeeze it until all the water comes out. Then, wrap your hair with a fluffy towel for 10-20 minutes, and before wearing anything, let your hair air dry.

Protect Your Extension While You Sleep

Your head against the pillow can loosen or strangle your extension, so avoid this problem by using a silk hair cover while you sleep, or you can use a smooth pillowcase. Also, never sleep with wet locs because they don’t dry out completely.

So given above are the points to know how to do an extension in loc. Also, you can do it easily.

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