More Than Just Cleaning and Scheduling

When you are running a cleaning business, you are doing more than just handling a full-time job. It is hard to find the time to have your business organized on your own. The managerial responsibilities like dispatching cleaners, scheduling jobs and getting new customers can be more than a handful.

These days, Cleaning Scheduling service companies are typically flooded with huge number of service requests that can make it difficult for them to handle scheduling and dispatching on time.

With many services like providing maids, total house clean up among others, some cleaning and scheduling apps can do both with ease and more making them more equipped than the others.


Some apps can be user-friendly with regards to scheduling and cleaning itself. Some apps have some top-notch key features with regards to managing your finances, your employees, your clients, and the cleaning tasks, including the scheduling and its real-time changes all throughout.

The high-end apps usually have these key features, plus a bunch of other detail-orientedparts. First, they would have a 24/7 online appointment book for recurring appointments, a secure client database, and a unique scheduling page for the cleaning business.

In addition, they have the features for adding staffs and services, plus the automatic appointment reminder. This is in tandem with the important feature of staff scheduling and even self-serviced bookings. Not to be missed is the all-important online scheduling calendar.


Since they are mostly online browser-based software, clients can book cleaning packages or services from anywhere. The better part is that you will get appointment bookings even in non-business hours. 

Clients have their own admin page and booking website with nice design and intuitive user interface. All that they do is to choose a service, pick a date and time and confirm booking. 

There no missed appointments. Synched with a Google calendar, and the bookings will be transferred and correctly blocked in its calendar. The apps also send automated reminders to your clients and have them prepared for your cleaning service before you come.

You are on top of your schedule because you will not miss another cleaning appointment. At the same time. You are connected to your employees in the field.

All these features are at work to make sure your cleaning company becomes more organized and efficient. This is a tremendous help in setting up your available hours easily and allows your clients to reserve services online.


The apps have no problems with access since it can be can be accessed from any devices(Laptop, Smartphone or tablet) through a viable internet connection. With the convenience factor in constant contact, you will be able to work closely with your team.

The plus factor is that you can communicate with them no matter where you (or they) are and keep everything organized. Your mails can be automated or can send reminders to give your clients a heads-up and ensure that jobs begin on time. 

Some can even take bookings from social media. Turn your Facebook and Instagram visitors into new clients by adding a ‘Book Now’ button to your business pages, you can then schedule repeat cleans in advance

Whether you visit homes daily, weekly or monthly, you can guarantee clients a spot in your calendar as far ahead as needed. You can enable automatic review requests and display positive client feedback on your online Booking Page.

Scheduling and cleaning

The work day begins with your web-based appointment scheduling. You accept your job bookings 24/7 with a free online booking site or have embedded a booking widget or button on your existing website.

Within the app, you can quickly switch between calendars, create bookings, and change staff availability from your cloud-based calendar. There is the advantage of being able to cut down on phone calls and equip your team with all the information they need to do the job right immediately.

With your calendar, you continue to manage your scheduling and the cleaning proper through your calendar. You can also do the same with your staff, and manage your online bookings across multiple locations. You can also schedule your recurring appointments at any time.

Likewise, you can protect those late cancellations and forgotten bookings with customized cancellation policy and automatic reminders.

Money matters

You can take secure payments on the go. You can accept any major type of payment with no hidden fees. Simply key in credit and debit cards directly from a job using your phone or computer.

Meantime, you can keep a card on file to hold appointments, require prepayment or charge cancellation fees. All the while, you can also send in your professional estimate and invoices with automatic customer reminders. You receive your funds quickly with free next-business-day transfers to smooth out your cash flow.

Keeping customer relationships

Store all your customer information in one place, view how your customers interact with your business and engage with them.

You can also auto-create customer profiles every time someone books a cleaning service through your app. Also, you can send automatic appointment reminders to customers via SMS and/or email. Importantly, you can create and send contracts to establish clear service agreements with your customers.

Some apps empower your team members. With their added features, they allow your employees to log in to and manage their calendars themselves. They can assign different sets of permissions to different roles in your business. Likewise, they can view everyone’s real-time availability and assign jobs from one place.

Moreover, they can assign your team commission rates for services and sales. Importantly, They make better business decisions with real-time reports.

Ensure your business stays competitive with the power of automatic cleaning service scheduling software. Your cleaning business scheduling app enables clients to set appointments directly through your online Booking Page.

For more coverage, link it to your website, Facebook and Instagram. No matter how people discover your business, they have an instant route to book your services. Your Booking Page also has a customizable URL that you can share directly in online and offline marketing.

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