Monsoon Actually Dries Your Skin: Here’s How You Can Protect and Moisturize It This Season

During the monsoon season, we experience relief from the hot summer weather. However, this season also brings challenges to our skin. Many people believe the monsoon season is good for the skin, but it can cause dryness, flakiness, and irritation. The increased humidity during this time can lead to clogged pores and bacterial growth, exacerbating skin concerns. Adopting a proper skincare routine focusing on protection and hydration, like moisturizer for the rainy season, is crucial to combat these effects and maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. This article will explore seven tips to shield your dry skin during the monsoon and the importance of following a monsoon skincare routine.


Tips to Protect Your Dry Skin from Monsoon

  1. Cleansing with Care: Begin your monsoon skincare routine with a gentle cleanser like a sulfate-free vitamin C face wash like the Lotus WhiteGlow Vitamin-C Radiance Face Wash to remove excess oil, dirt, and grime that can accumulate due to the high humidity. Look for a mild, soap-free cleanser that won’t strip away natural oils, ensuring your skin stays hydrated.
  2. Exfoliate Wisely: It is important to exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and avoid blocked pores. However, avoid over-exfoliating, as it can lead to increased sensitivity. Opt for a gentle exfoliator containing natural ingredients, and limit its use to once or twice a week. Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Skin Brightening Oatmeal & Yogurt Scrub and Lotus Herbals Radiance Boost Ubtan Face Scrub are exfoliators that combine the benefits of exfoliation and nourishment with incredible softness and clarity.
  3. Moisturizer for Rainy Season: Invest in a lightweight, water-based moisturizer for the rainy season. Lotus Herbals Active Aloe + Niacinamide Brightening Boost Gel helps maintain the skin’s moisture balance without feeling heavy or greasy. This water-based moisturizer is expertly crafted to provide deep hydration while effectively reducing tan and dark spots. Its unique formulation includes aloe, which works wonders in soothing irritated and acne-prone skin, especially during these essential months.
  4. Hydration Inside Out: Stay hydrated by drinking adequate water throughout the day. Keeping yourself properly hydrated is good for your overall health and can help keep your skin healthy, elastic, and radiant.
  5. Sunscreen Protection: Although the weather may be cloudy and overcast, UV rays can still harm your skin during monsoon. Lotus Safe Sun Sports Super-Stay Sunscreen SPF 70 PA+++ – Lotus Herbals is a waterproof, sweat-resistant sunscreen and note that it is essential to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen before going outside.
  6. Monsoon Skin Care Products: Incorporate monsoon skincare products into your routine. These may include face masks that hydrate and revitalize the skin and anti-bacterial solutions to combat breakouts triggered by excessive humidity.
  7. Avoid Picking Pimples: Resisting the urge to pick or squeeze pimples is crucial all year round, especially during the monsoon when bacterial growth is more prevalent. Picking can lead to scarring and further aggravate skin issues.


The monsoon significantly changes environmental factors, and adapting your skincare routine accordingly is essential to maintain healthy skin. Following a specific monsoon skincare routine addresses the season’s challenges and ensures that your skin remains nourished and glowing.

A proper skincare routine during the monsoon can help:


  1. Maintain Moisture Balance: The humidity in the air can mislead you into thinking that your skin doesn’t need hydration. However, the moisture in the atmosphere doesn’t necessarily translate to hydrated skin. Using the right moisturizer and hydrating products ensures your skin’s moisture balance is preserved.


  1. Prevent Breakouts: The increased humidity can lead to excess sebum production, clogging pores, and causing breakouts. A consistent skincare routine can prevent such issues and help you achieve a clear complexion.


  1. Soothe Irritation: The monsoon can also bring about skin irritation due to constant exposure to rainwater or damp clothes. Using gentle, soothing products can help alleviate any discomfort.


  1. Delay Premature Ageing: UV rays are still present during the monsoon, and protecting your skin with sunscreen can help prevent premature ageing and maintain a youthful appearance.


How to Choose the Right Product for Your Skincare Routine in Monsoon?

Selecting the right products for your monsoon skincare routine is essential to protect and moisturize your skin effectively. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Skin Type: Determine your skin type (dry, oily, combination, or sensitive) to choose products that cater to its specific needs.
  2. Ingredients: Look for products with natural and nourishing ingredients like Aloe vera, Cucumber, Tea tree oil, etc., which can soothe and protect the skin during the monsoon.
  3. Non-Comedogenic: Opt for non-comedogenic products that do not clog pores, reducing the risk of breakouts.
  4. Fragrance-Free: Fragrances can sometimes cause skin irritation, so choosing fragrance-free products is better, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  5. Dermatologically Tested: Always choose products that have been dermatologically tested to ensure they are safe for your skin.

Monsoon skincare is all about protection and hydration. Following a well-rounded rainy season skincare routine that includes gentle cleansing, exfoliation, and a suitable moisturizer can keep your skin healthy and radiant. Remember to use sunscreen to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. Invest in monsoon-specific skincare products that address the weather’s challenges, and remember to stay hydrated. Utilizing these monsoon skincare tips and prioritizing skincare, you can enjoy the monsoon season while maintaining beautiful, nourished skin.

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