Latin America Eyewear Market, Analysis, Share, Size 2023-2028

Latin America Eyewear Market To Gain Higher Share Substantially During 2023-2028, Driven By Rapidly Rising Fashion Appeal Trend

El informe del estudio de mercado de Informes de Expertos titulado, ‘El Mercado de Gafas en América Latina, Informe y Pronóstico 2023-2028′, ofrece una visión estructurada del mercado, examinando sus diversos segmentos y variables clave como producto, género, canal de distribución y las regiones. La investigación recoge un sólido pronóstico de la presencia de factores clave de éxito y limitaciones, sigue a los proveedores bien establecidos y las últimas tendencias de la industria que impactan en el objetivo de crecimiento del mercado global. También evalúa la dinámica del mercado y la relación entre la demanda de los consumidores y el precio del producto, junto con la auditoría de los modelos FODA y de las cinco fuerzas de Porter.

The market study report by Informes de Expertos titled, ‘Latin America Eyewear Market 2023-2028’ , gives structured insights into the market, examining its diverse segments and key variables such as product, gender, distribution channel and key regions. The research gathers robust forecasting of the presence of key success factors and constraints, tracks well-established vendors, and the latest trends in the industry that impact the growth goal of the overall market. It also assesses the market dynamics, and the relationship between consumer demand and product price, coupled with the audit of SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces models.

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Los aspectos más destacados del informe incluyen:

Visión general del mercado (2018-2028)

• CAGR para el período de pronóstico (2023-2028): 6,13%

Se prevé que el mercado de gafas en América Latina aumente a un ritmo exponencial durante el período de pronóstico 2023-2028, además, el mercado objetivo fue valorado en 1,08 mil millones de dólares. El incremento de los ingresos de los consumidores y su demanda coexistente de productos mejores y lujosos está impulsando a los vendedores para la política de descremación de precios para mayores ganancias de ingresos.

Además, la mayor adopción de gafas de sol y lentes de contacto para una apelación más fina introducido por diversos verticales de la moda en América Latina está atrayendo a multitud de consumidores en la industria objetivo. Por otra parte, las decisiones estratégicas para colaborar con los influenciadores de los medios sociales para promover sus productos para ganar la atención de los clientes potenciales están ayudando al mercado de gafas en la región de América Latina.

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Industry Definition and Major Segments

Eyewear are the items worn on eyes, these can be spectacles, contact lenses or other accessories. Not only these are carried to protect the eyes from dust, dirt or UV Rays but also they are worn for aesthetic appeal as fashion sense.

Based on product, the eyewear market can be divided into:

• Spectacles
• Sunglasses
• Contact Lenses

Based on gender, the industry can be segmented into:

• Men
• Women
• Unisex

The eyewear market can be broadly categorised based on distribution channel into:

• Optical Stores
• Independent Brand Showrooms
• Online Stores
Retail Stores

Key regions covered include:

• Brazil
• Argentina
• Mexico
• Others

Market Trends

The Latin American eyewear market is poised to grow during the forecast period due to rising adoption of fashion trends, especially by female consumers. The high dependency of fashion verticals on premiumization of products is inducing key players to introduce varied changes in eyewear. In addition to innovations, the contact lenses and vision glasses are made with blue light, yellow light filter for sensitivity of eyes and protection from UV Rays.

These features of eyewear products are surging the demand and augmenting the industry in Latin American region. Furthermore, increased screen time and poor lifestyle habits of consumers have led to eyesight related issues which has helped the vision care facilities and target market to achieve higher sales. Thus, the attractive frames and additional features are being introduced in eyewear or prescribed spectacles to captivate multitude of potential consumers in target region.

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Key Market Players

The major players in the market are:

• Essilor
• Alcon
• Augen Opticos
• Devlyn México
• Solaris
• Others

The insights in the market research report provide growth possibilities, socio-political environment factors affecting the market, launches of products, new entrants dominating the market, and the presence of key companies driving the industry.

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