From Blueprints to 3D Models: Technology and the Renovation Industry

Look Wellsaid Vocalid Aihao Mit Technologyreview Technology has started to overtake the way in which we communicate with one another and conduct business. Through increased exposure to technology including smartphones, tablets, electric cars and the internet, it is hard to believe how fully ingrained it has become in our daily lives. It can be seen that technology is starting to change and shift how industries around the world function. The Renovation industry is no exception. As new trends continue to emerge, progressing the future of what can be, new approaches must be created.

The Idea:

Emerging technologies are beginning to provide greater solutions to many industries including construction. These trends are helping to improve processes, enabling automation and effective decision-making instruments allowing for current progressions to be accelerated and accomplished more efficiently. There are many factors that have contributed to the shift in the industry including the overall landscape of society, the economy, and the environment. Combining the overall landscape with the constantly changing nature of technology could help excel and create new trends in the renovation industry.

The Impact:

Although it is hard to determine how technology and the renovation industry will mix together fluidly, it can be seen that it will it will occur at a rapid pace. Technology will have a major impact on the renovation industry and at the current rate could occur sooner than later. This shift will allow for companies and customers to work more closely, creating an all-encompassing relationship. This shift changes not only company perspectives related to customer’s desires but using increased communication will develop a constant exchange of ideas. This allows changes to be made in an instance, anytime and anywhere. New approaches will be carried out, which will focus on a more off-site construction. It will be possible to include clients in the design phase allowing them to make changes online themselves, being integrated within the renovation process. This could include changes being made through notes on modeled 3D renders which allows work to be accomplished in a more efficient manner. This means that scheduling will never be a problem as renovation projects be started faster and done right the first time.

US Home Sales Recovery

Craigslist Vt There has been so much commentary recently regarding the U.S Housing market, and it’s current state of depression. There’s an idea that popped into my mind recently, and I wanted to share it with everyone, and see what the response would be.

We are receiving daily news and statistics relating to the current housing depression in the U.S, and how foreclosures are up, and prices are down. But could it be that prices are away to rocket back to previous highs? I say this because of my theory about the state of the current market. Around 50% of all home sales right now are distressed – meaning forced into sale, for whatever reason. In a recent U.S report on housing statistics, the study revealed that 30% of homeowners said they would put their homes on the market, if they saw what they considered to be an upturn in the housing market.

So if U.S Realtor statistics tell us that 50% of all home sales in the U.S are distressed, resulting from people selling to avoid forclosure, or banks selling foreclosed properties, then this indicates that there is probably a large percentage of the population not selling – they’re waiting for the economy to improve so they can achieve higher valuations. Subsequently, the properties that are available on the market right now have pushed prices down, and probably will continue to do so for some time.

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