What Is The Easiest Way To Download FB Videos Directly From Its Platform?

Download FB Videos

Facebook is the most used and popular social media network in the world. Facebook will allow users who sign up for free profiles to connect with friends or people they don’t know Online. Likewise, it lets you share videos, images, stories, news, posts, etc with others. 

Why do we need a Facebook downloader to download FB videos? As a Facebook user, you know that Facebook never lets you download any media file from its platform. Hence, we have to use a FB downloader to download media files from FB. If so, what is the best and easiest way to download Facebook media files? The FDownloader is the best solution for a FB video downloader to download videos. Why should you select it? Is it free? Is it safe? You no need to worry. I will give answers to all questions. Here we go;

  1. What is FDownloader?

It is the most popular FB downloader among Facebook users. The software allows downloading any media file from Facebook with a single click. Likewise, the software is compatible with any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Also, it supports any web browser. The tool is available for free and online. Also, it comes with a user-friendly interface. Hence, it does not require any additional technical skills to use it. The tool is an accurate and secure tool to use. So it will secure your privacy.

  1. Why should you select FDownloader?

It is currently the most stable and faster Facebook downloader in the online market. We continuously update the quality of the tool to provide users. Also, it has become the best among other competitive software showing some significant features. Now let’s see the beneficial qualities of the software next to this. 

  1. What makes FDownloader the best?

Here is the answer to; why you should select it as the best Facebook video downloader online. You can get it now.

  • The software comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Download FB videos for free and online
  • No need to make any payment to use it
  • It receives continuous updates.
  • You can download any video with a single click.
  • It does not require any signup or login to use it.
  • Stable software
  • Download videos and images from Facebook in high quality.
  • Download speed is the fastest
  • The accurate and secure tool
  • Efficiently
  • No need for additional technical skills to use it
  1. How to download FB videos using the FDownloader?

Here, we provide the step guide to downloading FB videos from Facebook easily and quickly. With a single click, you can download unlimited Facebook videos following the guidelines. Now let’s see the step guide.

For mobile devices

  • Visit Facebook from a mobile browser to download FB videos online.
  • Search for any Facebook video that you want  
  • Select the video; pick the option “ share” from the right-bottom
  • Slide right through share to options and find “Copy Link.”
  • Now, go to the FB video downloader and paste the URL in the input box.
  • Click” Download” and see the preview of the selected video.
  • Then select either “ SD video” or “ Other formats” and continue the download.
  • You can now find your file downloaded on the device in a few moments.

For computers

  • First, visit Facebook from your computer to download Facebook videos.
  • Search for any video you want to download.
  • Then choose the video, expand the options from the right top corner and copy the video link. 
  • Now, go to the FDownloader online from the browser and paste the copied URL into the input box. 
  • Click on the “Download” icon.
  • Now, you will see a preview of the video. You will see “Download SD video” and “ Other formats” and the download option again. 
  • Your file will download automatically within a few seconds.
  • Click the correct option and continue with the download.
  1. Is it safe to use?

Yes: FDownloader is an accurate and secure tool to download FB videos directly. It never breaks any Facebook terms to download the videos. Hence, it will protect your privacy completely. 

  1. Can you download any live videos from Facebook?

Yes: you can download any live video after the live video has finished. Also, you can download any Facebook story video with just a single click. 

  1. Are there any limits to downloading the videos?

No restrictions: it allows you to download unlimited Facebook videos from its platform for offline viewing. Also, you can download FB videos in different sizes and qualities. 

  1. Is it online?

Yes: the FB downloader is available online. Hence, you no need to install or download any app to use it. Also, it does not require any signup or login to use it. Therefore, you can download FB videos online using the software.

  1. What devices are compatible with the software?

The FDownloader is compatible with any smartphone( Android, iPhone, iPod), tablet, or computer( Windows, Linux, Mac). Also, the software support any web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Dolphin, Firefox, Opera, etc. therefore, you can download any Facebook video using any device and web browser. 

  1. Is it available for free?

Yes: the Facebook downloader is available for free. Hence, it never asks you to make any payment to use it. You can download unlimited Facebook videos, photos, and stories without any charge.


Do you want to download FB videos? If yes, the easiest way is FDownloader. It will allow you to download unlimited FB videos with a single click. Also, it helps you to download any media file in different qualities and sizes. The software is an accurate and secure tool. Therefore, it will secure your privacy 100%. 

For downloading HD quality videos, the best solution is it. Also, the software is compatible with any device and supports any web browser. Thus, you can download any video using any device. The FB video downloader is available for free and online. Also, it is simple and easy to use. Hence, it does not require any technical skills to use it. Now, you can try it. Likewise, do not forget to share your experience with FB users. 

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