Applications of Burdock Roots and Health Benefits

Burdock for hair loss

A hair loss, unhealthy hair that loses hair tips to brush while combing can be improved with the help of a burdock.

This oil warmed well into the scalp when massaged, especially in the morning or evening.

As a result, the scalp and hair follicles are better nourished and stimulates the growth of new hair, chaktty said.

Burdock for hair growth

Here, the oil as described before can be massaged in the hair at night and in the next morning, you can gently rinse the hair with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo and the hair shine again and become wonderfully supple.

A few drops of burdock rubbed on the tips of your fingers and in the tips of your hair also protect it against split ends and thus, promote healthy growth of the hair.

Another option is to use the oil as a conditioner or spa. Here, after shampooing, a small amount of oil is put on the palms of your hands, rubbed and incorporated into the length of the hair.

Here, the time of the exposure can be limited to a few minutes.

Then, the Spa is rinsed with lukewarm water. Even with Burdock for hair, care should be taken on good quality.

Burdock against dandruff and scalp

Scales are not only unsightly but also physically unpleasant circumstances.

The skin tightens and itchy, you feel uncomfortable. An application of burdock against dandruff should take you leaving the burdock on your overnight.

In the morning, the scales can be combed out carefully with a fine-toothed comb, with a so-called “nit”.

It is sure that, if you scratch the scalp or tear the scales that are glued in hair, it is likely you’re going to sustain minor injuries of the scalp and otherwise, form a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. In case of need, the treatment is simply repeated.

Burdock for eyelashes

As Eyelash care, the oil is a tried and tested home remedies. It makes the lashes silky and gives them momentum.

If you want a longer or thicker eyelash, you can try burdock also hope for good results.

Using cotton wool pads, an eye compress is made with the burdock.

However, you should wash the make-up on your face if there’s any before application, also a cloth with some burdock can be soaked already.

The oil compresses about ten minutes, soak and then rinse the eye area with lukewarm water.

Some oil on the eyelash brush is applied for a more beautiful shape.

The lashes in the swing can be brushed as needed. Also, unruly eyebrows can be tamed and maintained in this way.

Burdock against psoriasis

Characteristic of psoriasis and other dermatoses is strong dandruff and almost unbearable itching.

Psoriasis of the scalp is the most common manifestation of the disease.

In addition to funds from traditional medicine, the use of burdock against psoriasis has achieved good results.

Many sufferers report that Corticoid ointments had no positive progress that could be achieved using the natural product.

The helpful oil is massaged into the scalp in the evening and remains there overnight.

Protected by a plastic cover or a towel due to the heat.

To the relief of the complaints by the Psoriasis on exposed areas such as elbows or knees, it is best if you get the bandage soaked with the burdock.

The oil can be used also for whole body care. It is either applied sparingly after cleaning the skin or generously rubbed, but before showering and rinse with lukewarm water only after a few minutes of contact time.

Burdock against cradle

For Newborns, it is best if you give a few drops of pure burdock on their own hands, well distributed and then careful to rub the baby’s head.

When the baby has grown a little, the oil is applied with a soft baby brush and massaged gently.

Even experienced midwives, they recommend burdock against cradle.

It is used by the birth attendants for easy and gentle birth and for the natural support of the mother and the child.

It is also in postnatal care of the mother and her baby as a true remedy.

Why do you have to use genuine burdock

For you not to have pollutants that stress your skin or hair and irritate you, even more, it is necessary to go after pure burdock and it’s recommended too while purchasing it.

Base materials such as organic oil and root ensure that the application in susceptible individuals is well tolerated.

Only 100% genuine burdock granted a good application success.

A product having pesticides or similar chemicals is already contaminated and it would most definitely contraindicate as burdock is applied against hair loss; the opposite of the desired could be the result you would get.

Just as care and restorer for the eyelashes, absolute purity are essential so that the eyes are not irritated.

Burdock for hair and as a remedy for skin diseases is there in the good drug store, pharmacy.

It is also important to ensure that the product is fresh since long storage harms the ingredients.


Summarily, the application of pure burdock can improve hair loss. Phytosteroide and anti-inflammatory substances such as polyphenols can promote hair growth, prevent hair loss, or stop it.

The cosmetic effect on lashes and hair is undisputed, the silky shiny appearance emphasizes a healthy structure.

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