6 Tips for Staying Fit When Rheumatoid Arthritis Attacks

Arthritis can be divided into two types based on the symptoms and the affected cells. The primary type of arthritis that you can find in most people is osteoarthritis. Here, the synovial fluid and cartilage between the two joints dry up and inflame. As a result, people suffering from this disease usually go through a lot of pain and mobility issues since the bone joints cannot move freely against each other.

Osteoarthritis is degenerative, which means that once it starts, there is no coming back. But the danger level of osteoarthritis is not as much as rheumatoid arthritis. If rheumatoid arthritis is left untreated for a prolonged time, it will not only lead to swelling and inflammation throughout the body but restrict mobility and cause bone deformation.

Keeping this in mind, we have shared six tips to help you find the answer to how to cure rheumatoid arthritispermanently.

Maintaining a proper diet and eating habits

First and foremost, you must establish a proper diet and eating habits to get a positive reply to your question about how to cure rheumatoid arthritis permanently. For example, you always prefer food containing spices, fat, and other unhealthy elements.

Following such a diet will lead to an inconsistent increase in body weight, thereby restricting your mobility to a considerable extent. This is why you always consult a dietitian or nutritionist to know more about the foods you should eat and those that must be omitted from your daily diet.

This will help you reduce your body weight and quicken the process of curing rheumatoid arthritis. Apart from this, the professional will be able to guide you on the proper nutrients your body needs to speed up the recovery process from a rheumatoid arthritis attack.

Increase mobility in a localized way.

Another important to manage the hurdles of rheumatoid arthritis attack is to increase your mobility. Sometimes, the attacks are so severe and intense that you won’t be able to get up from your place and walk to another. The entire body’s mobility will be put at stake since you won’t be able to move until and unless the pain subsides.

Since it might take a lot of time, what you can do is start moving your limbs and other body parts slowly. This will help the muscles to regain their movement and facilitate locomotion. Apart from this, practising mobility for local muscles and bones will also ensure Proper blood circulation.

Your blood can supply the essential nutrients, medicines, and water to the affected cells for faster recovery and positive results.

Incorporating yoga and stretching

If you are wondering how to cure rheumatoid arthritis permanently through physical activities, yoga and stretching are the two most prominent and effective answers. It will bring a proper balance between your mental and spiritual health.

Whether you want to unwind or get relief from the intense pain of rheumatoid arthritis, yoga can heal your body externally and internally much faster. Another option that you will have is to perform stretches.

This ensures your body and muscles can move quickly without causing further injury. Stretches can also reduce muscle tension, providing ultimate relief and allowing appropriate relaxation and contraction behavior.

Following the diet exercise plan consistently

One of the best ways to cure arthritis permanently is to follow a proper diet. Rheumatoid arthritis can occur due to any reason. But since it renders the person a mobile for a specific time, you cannot simply eat anything you like. In that case, your body weight will increase, slowing the recovery process from this degenerative disease.

Moreover, your body will also need various nutrients, minerals and vitamins to ensure the cells can recover quickly and start functioning normally. This is why you must seek help from a reliable and certified.

The professional will provide a complete diet chart, mentioning what food you can and cannot. Apart from this, they will also guide you on the total amount of food to eat every day.


Seek for occupational therapist

If you start getting rheumatoid attacks periodically, consult with an occupational therapist. Such a professional will help you balance life, whether incorporating different types of exercises or changing your lifestyle habits.

Most occupational therapists use different techniques to increase the mobility of the skeletal system and reduce the chances of any future rheumatoid attack.

Lower depression and stress levels

Lastly, you have to pay attention to your stress and depression levels. Stress levels will continue to skyrocket if your body cannot produce enough endorphins for dopamine and serotonin. This can slow down the recovery process and render the medicines useless.


Since we have discussed the six significant ways how to cure rheumatoid arthritis permanently, your job will be to establish a proper life balance and routine. Without it, no treatment process can help you eliminate rheumatoid arthritis and go back to your lifestyle without any problems.

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