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Sustaining the heat of Indian summers without a proper air cooler is really a difficult task. Investing in the best room cooler can actually render you a myriad of benefits. If you are planning to purchase the best air cooler in India, make sure to buy from brands like Symphony, Voltas, Kenstar, etc. 

Which ensures the proficiency of the air cooler. Also, you do not have to worry about the expensive cost of the air coolers, as it starts from a very affordable range. 

You can pick the one that you like. To help you with your purchase, here are the top 10 air coolers in India that you can consider buying for your home. Read to know more!

  • Voltas 85 L Desert Cooler Air Cooler White (Windsor 85 M)

This mid-range air cooler is the best room cooler in today’s market. It comes with an 85 litres water capacity tank and has three mode control settings. It has a blower that performs effectively to keep your room cool. The Honeycomb working pattern of this best air cooler in India is definitely the ideal pick for your house. 

  • Usha Maxx Air Desert Air Cooler White, Black (50MD1)

Another proficient air cooler variant you can get for your house is the Usha Maxx 50MD1. The speciality of this cooler is the presence of a thermal overload protection feature, 3-side Honeycomb technology and Auto Fill which is excellent. You can get this best room cooler for Rs. 15,990 in India. 

  • Symphony 35 L Air Cooler White (TOUCH 35)

Symphony is a very reliable brand that produces the best air cooler in India. If you want to purchase a cost-effective yet tech-rich air cooler, the Symphony Touch 35 is the right option. Priced at just Rs. 10,999 this best room cooler comes with exclusive features like Honeycomb pads, digital touchscreen, Voice assistant feature, I-Pure technology, and Mosquito repellence. 

  • Kenstar 50 L Tower Air Cooler White (GLAM50R)

This easily portable tower air cooler model is one of the best room cooler models you can get in India. It has three-speed control models and honeycomb cooling pads that offer first-class performance. The 50L capacity of this best air cooler in India would be the right choice for small to medium-sized rooms. 

  • Skyzen 81 L Vibrant 5000 Aircooler (White & Brown)

Priced at Rs. 11,100 this amazingly best room cooler offers high cooling air at 5000 M3/Hr. There are several modes of operation for the convenience of the users. The high-speed motor which is capable of running at 1400 RPM provides a uniform blast of cool air across the room to keep the temperature breezy and cool. 

  • Bajaj 26 L Tower Air Cooler White (TC 2008 Tower Cooler)

If you are looking for the best air cooler in India which is very affordable, cost-effective and well-performing, then the Bajaj tower air cooler would be the perfect pick for you. It has a total capacity of 26L and is perfect for a compact room or house. The blower and honeycomb technology makes this air cooler the best room cooler in India. 

  •  Hindware 24 L Personal Air Cooler Air Cooler Premium Purple (Snowcrest 24-H)

Another compact and portable best air cooler in India is manufactured by Hindware. This personal air cooler has a 24-litre capacity and three-speed control modes. It also comprises the honeycomb pad for best performance. You can get this best room cooler for Rs. 10,490 in India. 

  • Havells 18 L Personal Air Cooler White, Blue (GHRACBCW180)

The most affordable air coolers are made by Havells. This wonderfully best air cooler in India is very compact and designed to suit small to medium rooms for bachelors and couples. Priced at Rs. 7000, this is the best deal you can get in the contemporary market. This air cooler is capable of covering up to 7 metres. 

  • Bluestar Elita Tower Cooler 55 Ltrs (White)

If you are a brand-conscious person, then investing in this Elita tower cooler by Bluestar would be an ideal option for you. Also, this tower cooler is very portable and easy to clean and handle. This best room cooler comes with a dust filter which perfectly removes all the pollen and other allergens. 

  • Singer Everest Senior 50L Window Cooler

If cost-effectiveness is at the top of your list for you, then you can purchase the best air cooler in India from Singer. This box room cooler comes with a wood wool midea that enhances the performance. You can also fit this room cool onto your window to spare more space in your room.

From the Bajaj Finserv, you can get the best room cooler at no cost EMI and zero upfront charges. Check it out today!

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